Ken Schatz and Alison Kelley are

The NexTradition

traditional music in motion

Two voices.

Dangerous Harmonies.

Goose-bump images.

Driving rhythms and roaring choruses





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Born in June of 1997 at the Mystic Sea Music Festival in Mystic, Connecticut, The NexTradition was christened by Heather Wood (of The Young Tradition) on the back of a beer menu a few months later.

Sea songs and chanteys, gospel and blues, worksongs of the railroads, mines, prisons, factories, and fields, TNT performs traditional music of America, Great Britain, and around the world.

Alison Kelley and Ken Schatz both grew up chantey brats - Alison in New York City, Ken in Washington, D.C.. She teaches at The Cobble Hill High School of American Studies, and also performs with Ida Red , The Johnson Girls and The New York Packet. He acts, directs, teaches, and coaches acting for theatre, television, and film.

Together, they have performed at the Mystic Seaport Sea Music Festival, the South Street Seaport Concert Series, The San Francisco Maritime Museum, Workum Chantey Festival in The Netherlands, the Little Red Lighthouse Chantey Festival, the Gateway Folk Getaway, Columbia University’s International House, the Folklore Society of Greater Washington, the Historic Richmond Town Concert Series, Gorilla Repertory Theatre’s Talking Jazz, The Minstrel Coffee House, The People's Voice Café, the Fast Folk Café, and at various folk clubs in the United Kingdom. They have led workshops for the Pinewoods Folk Music Society of New York, and the Folklore Society of Greater Washington.